Brand Ambassador Program

Q: What is a “Maui Kitten Brand Ambassador?”

A: Someone who believes in and represents our company. Never back a product or goal you don’t fully agree with. If you enjoy our bikinis, swim suits and/or our variety of accessories as well as our mission to donate in order to help clean beaches and oceans around the world and want to make some extra cash on top of looking good and doing good-will, then you’re probably a worthy candidate to stand with us.

Q: How do I become a Maui Kitten Ambassador?

A: Very simply. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Purchase some swim wear.

  2. Follow us on Instagram @mauikittenbeachwear

  3. Snap some pictures in your chosen bikini or one-piece and post to your social media and tag us @mauikittenbeachwear and use hashtag #mauikittenclub #mauikittenambassador

  4. Once we see the notification, we’ll work as quickly as possible to view your profile, check your qualifications (public profile, following etc etc), feature you on our own Instagram page and then contact you to set up a unique promo code wherein you can make some cash back on all future sales that use that code at checkout. The amount of money you can make all depends on your own creativity when it comes to advertising your unique promo code.