Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 Shipping and Customer Service Update

Like so many of you, our small company is made up of working parents, community members, and others just trying to navigate this "new normal." Here’s what we’re doing to minimize the covid-19 spread, while working hard to continue to bring product and service satisfaction to our customers, vendors, and employees:

Shipping Information

With the spread of COVID-19, online shopping continues to rise exponentially, and we are experiencing a variety of supply chain disruptions and delays. In addition, fulfillment warehouse operations have been updated in order to implement increased cleaning and sanitation protocols. As a result, our order processing timelines have been extended, although not dramatically. We are still packaging and sending orders out to the shipping services at a satisfactory rate. Here’s what you will experience…

  1. For new orders, our shipping and delivery date expectations will show longer than you normally expect as shipping services around the world are being overwhelmed due to increased on-line orders and understaffed working force.

  2. Our timeline for returns and refunds has also been affected. Please note that it may take longer than the usual 5-10 Business Days for us to receive your return package at the fulfillment center, inspect your return, process it into inventory, and complete your refund.

We ask everyone to please be patient. We are not Amazon and do not run multiple facilities around the world that can guarantee deliveries within days of an order. As a smaller company we ship internationally and are at the mercy of these now unpredictable, delayed shipping times.